Feeling Stuck in an Unsatisfying Career? 

Are you in a profession that doesn’t spark joy or just doesn't feel fulfilling? 


Do you feel bound to a field that you no longer love, but have invested years of your life into? 


Don't worry - no matter where you are in your career, you can become Unbound!


Land a new career in any industry regardless of your degree or work history to find a career that you will find fulfilling. 

Coming Fall 2021

Find a Career that Works For You!

Career Unbound provides proven strategies that will help you discover what is the right career path for you, where you want to be in your career, and will help you get there regardless of your education or past experience.  To find the right career, you have to go beyond the basics offered by "standard" books, using tactics tailor-made to ensure your candidacy stands out. The book reveals how to:


  • Understand your hidden career potential to find a career path that will be fulfilling to you. 

  • Understand how hiring companies think and the unwritten rules and biases that shape their hiring practices. 

  • Highlight and showcase the transferable skills and successes in a way that companies can recognize

  • Rebrand yourself and your thinking to align your personal and professional identity with your new career. 

  • Learn how to spot red flags at a company during the hiring process BEFORE you get the job. 

  • Handle every step of salary negotiation to get a competitive salary and benefits package—even as a “newbie” to the field.

  • And more!


Packed with psychological insights, practical exercises, and inspiring stories, Career Unbound helps you unlock your true career path and break the chains holding you back from having a satisfying career.

About Slade Sundar

Slade was once frustrated and worried by a lack of career options. He felt bound by his past experience and his formal education.


When he was 19, He desired to get into the business world, but he was already too far down the path of his Political Science degree to switch majors.  He felt trapped...


Until he discovered the secrets to unlocking his true career potential.  Slade developed a way to become unbound from the rigid, career system that we are taught to follow. 


With no formal training, he was hired and was successful in roles including Graphic Design, Advertising, Project Management,  Software Development, Brand Marketing, Enterprise Sales, Product Development, Human Resources,  and Operations. 

In Career Unbound, Slade shares the insights and secrets he has learned on how to unlock your secret skills, master subjects quickly, find a career path that never gets boring, and land a role in an industry or role - even ones that seem impossible to break into.