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"Don't wait for others to open doors for you. 

Make your own doors....  then kick

them open!"

 - Slade Sundar  

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Slade Sundar

Entrepreneur, Author, Artist, Speaker, Mentor.

Slade is a multi-passionate entrepreneur,an artist, an author, and an advocate for under-represented entrepreneurs (Women, People of Color, and LGBTQ+).

Slade is passionate about people being confident in their own skin and defining their own beauty in life. Through Kalvera, the company he co-founded with his sister, he is working to shift the beauty industry's focus to skin health and mental well-being.

Prior to co-founding Kalvera, Slade spent 20+ years in startup leadership roles in Marketing, HR, Operations, Strategy, Sales, Software, and Product Development.

Slade spends his free time giving back to the community by mentoring under-represented startup founders in Portland, Oregon, where he resides and in Jacksonville, Florida where Kalvera's Flagship Spa is located.

When Slade isn't working on growing Kalvera, he is creating art or writing books on career and business.