I’ve worked in tech (SaaS, EAS) and marketing across vastly different markets in different startup ecosystems – including Travel, Energy Utilities, Civic Journalism, Crowdfunding, and Endurance Sports in the US and Europe.

I speak at a number of international conferences on various topics including Product Management, People Management, Community Journalism, Startup Ecosystems, and Inter-generational Workforce Harmony.

Most recently, I used those skills as an “undercover fixer” for Startups in Silicon Valley and Europe. I left that life and moved to Portland, where I’m involved in building a number of startup projects and mentoring startup founders.

Product Management

Agile Product Management (vertical and horizontal), Roadmap Strategy, User Centered Analysis, User Centered Design, Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise Application Software (EAS), I8N Software.

Software Development

Ruby on Rails, SQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript (ES6), React.js, jQuery, JSON, CSS, HTML, Git, Github. Database schema design, OOP, MVC, API. Additionally, conversant in Python, Django, Swift (IOS), and Java (Android).

People Ops / Organization

Consensus Building, Retention, Recruitment, Culture Building, Performance Management, Change Management, Process Improvement, Employee Training / Development, Organizational Behavior.

Brand / Market Strategy

B2B / B2C Competitive Strategy,  Integrated marketing, Advertising, Brand management, Sales Management, Contract Negotiation, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, M&A, Joint Ventures & Alliances.

Current Projects


Notable Interviews