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"Slade is a unique entrepreneur...he has a broad range of business skills as an executive, coupled with deep subject knowledge usually reserved for specialists."

Slade is an entrepreneur, innovator, artist, author, and mentor. 

Slade has held executive roles in Product Development, Operations, Brand Marketing, Strategy, and Business Development helping build the success of Startups and Fortune 500 companies from 1MM to 100MM+ .


Slade is the co-founder & COO of Kalvera Skin Care. He co-founded the company with his sister, Dr. Kalpana Sundar, to help people keep their skin healthy and to battle the unrealistic beauty expectations placed on women by society.

Slade's diverse experience across industries and business roles gives him a truly unique innovation perspective, allowing him to see opportunities where others only see roadblocks. He often uses this "superpower" to mentor underrepresented founders, such as women and POC find opportunities and success despite systemic racial and gender barriers.

Slade is also a self-taught artist and illustrator, creating works of art that range from thought-provoking to down-right silly. 

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"Slade is helping to usher in the next generation of community leaders to create more opportunities and successes for startups, especially under-represented founders."

- Dave B.