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  • Software Development, Management, and Marketing for the Millennial Generation

    S. Slade Sundar is a senior executive, strategist, and international speaker on Millennial engagement, including topics such as recruitment, performance management, and online engagement strategies.
    As the Chief Operating Officer of Forte Interactive, Slade leads software development strategy; helping nonprofits and events engage Millennials online. He is also responsible for recruiting, training and managing a staff of Millennials, who make up over 60% of the company’s employees.

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Slade Sundar was recently featured in an article on Inc. Magazine’s website, discussing a few key concepts of Millennial Management:

To Keep Your Employees Longer, Just Tell Them to Quit | Inc.com

  • Millennial Mindset

    The environmental factors that influence the Millennial generation are so pervasive that previous generations have adopted similar traits.  These traits are known as the Millennial Mindset:

    • Tech-Saavy / Hyper-Connected
    • Desire to Be Part of a Group
    • Want to Make a Difference
    • Short Attention Span
  • Millennial Employees

    Millennials have high expectations for employment, and require a different approach. Slade has recruited and mentored Millennials for nonprofits and corporations successfully for years.

    • Create Experiences
    • Rally Behind a Cause
    • Set Clear Expectations
    • Peer Recognition / Prestige
  • Millennial Software

    Millennials rely on applications to stay connected to the world and their peers. Slade has years of experience designing online experiences for Millennials.

    • Website Design and Function
    • Gamification / Goal Setting
    • Ease of Online Experience
    • Peer / Social Recognition
    • Context-Driven Engagement
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